Court Advocacy Training

In partnership with Community Connections for Youth and the Legal Aid Society, the BCCJR offers clergy training for court advocacy, family court sit-ins, and assignment to families in need of support.  This is a pilot model for the borough to take citywide once completed.  Many families who have children involved in our court system lack community support.  

The focus of this training is to engage clergy in become advocates and mentors to court-involved youth.  As clergy you will walk through a trial for up to six months, become acquainted with the at-risk individual as well as with family members.  Families will a support system fares better than families without.  This court advocacy training is open to all faith-based leader and/or representative who desire to make a difference in the lives of families across the Bronx. Click here to sign up for the Clergy Court Advocacy Program.

The Nest

We spend at least $240,000 to incarcerate a youth.  We spend almost $80,000 to incarcerate an adult.  Recidivism rate is high in part due to lack of education and jobs.  The BCCJR has created the Nest program as a way to create economic stability through business ownership.  We recognize that jobs are scarce and many employers embrace biased views toward those with a record.   The Nest is an entrepreneurial training program dedicated to court-involved individuals and those with a criminal record.  This course will provide the basics of business ownership with an opportunity to receive investment dollars toward a solid business idea.  Select businesses will be incubated for 18-24 months and provided with the tools and resources necessary for business growth.  Click here for application for Nest Program .

Re-Entry and Youth Crime Prevention Training for Faith-Based Leaders

The Re-Entry and Youth Crime Prevention Training Program is a 6-month course for faith-based leaders in an effort to create a citywide haven of houses of worship ready and equipped to take the lead in the rehabilitation process and successful re-integration of our returning citizens.  We believe we’re living in an era where faith must take the lead in the issues that are plaguing our city because ultimately these same people make up our congregation.  

Faith leaders need to be relevant and armed with not only the spiritual applications that contribute to recidivism reduction but the practical tools and training that are needed as well.  Faith leaders need to know what resources are available to them outside of their houses of worship so they may connect those in need with the agencies that service the population they are trying to help.   They also need to know where we are as a city as it relates to our juvenile population, mental health issues that contribute to the vicious cycle of recidivism, how to create a healing community within their house of worship through de- stigmatization, and understand and learn how to get involved on the policy side. Click here to sign up for 2014 class

Arches Program (South Bronx and Edenwald)

The BCCJR in partnership with the Department of Probation and the Mayor’s Fund for the City of New York work together to implement a tailored evidence-based group mentoring curriculum for those on probation  ages 16-24 in the South Bronx and with partners in the Edenwald areas.  The goal of the mentoring program is to assure these individuals will not become a statistic in our adult prisons and to ultimately create a successful re-entry process for all.

Safe Havens

First borough wide model of houses of worship set up as safe havens for those returning home from prison to provide support and connect them with needed services within their community. Click here to be listed as a safe haven.

Male Talk

The BCCJR’s Male Talk program is done in partnership with the Department of Probation to offer mentorship for a small group of select young men ages 16-24 for nine months.  This group meets weekly in a safe environment where these young men can share their concerns, struggles, and needs to male mentors and their probation officer who care and have a passion to see them succeed.

Bronx Clergy United Chaplaincy

This training is open to individuals desiring to be chaplains under the BCCJR umbrella.  Working with the New York Regional Police, students have the option of choosing from the following categories:   administration, task force, fire, homeland security, community chaplaincy, prison chaplain, and hospital/hospice chaplaincy. Click here for registration information.