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Welcome to the BCCJR


Thank you for visiting our site.  My husband, Rev. Tim English, and I are the co-founders of the Bronx Clergy Roundtable.  We are here to serve our returning citizens and families as they seek to successfully reintegrate into their communities.


We are here to serve those who are incarcerated helping them realize that being locked up behind bars doesn’t mean they have to be locked up in their minds.   We believe in creating opportunities inside that can benefit them on the outside and create a path of success in an effort to reduce our alarming recidivism rates.


We are here to serve clergy and create infrastructure and resources so their houses of worship may be better equipped as safe havens for those that return home.  This means we must be knowledgeable of the resources available in our communities.  We do this by creating an effective collaboration model of faith leaders with community based organizations, local, city, state and federal officials in order to effectively assist our returning citizens who have paid their debt to society.  Significant reduction in recidivism will not be realized until we all do our part.  When we do, the resources and monies spent on incarceration can be put to better use that can benefit our communities as a whole


Our aim is simply: to help people help themselves while striving for equality in jobs, education, healthcare and housing.  So, let’s continue to work together in our various parts of the world and create safer communities where our children and generations to come may live without fear, thrive and not only survive, and embrace a future full of hope.


Rev. Que English
President, BCCJR